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Located in Southwest Michigan, we offer 100% natural elk antler dog chews. Our quality antler is available in twelve different sizes to meet every breed's needs. Use the navigation toolbar above to learn more about us and our product, to order a chew or two for your dog(s), find out when we may be coming to a dog show near you, or to contact us with any questions you may have. 

Where does your

antler come from?

Elk antler is the

perfect dog chew.

My elk antler is from farm-raised elk located in Michigan and a couple of other states. Most of the antler is harvested in late summer before the rut, or breeding season, begins. Harvesting the antler protects the elk from each other. During the rut, they become very aggressive and may severely injure or kill each other fighting. Removing the antler does not harm the elk, but it does produce top-quality dog chew antler with lots of marrow. Marrow is the soft inner, blood rich core that dogs love, and it is plentiful in our antler! Learn more.

Elk antler is an excellent chew for man's best friend. It's great for dogs, it's long-lasting, and it's an annual, renewable resource. No animals are harmed or killed to get it. And dogs love it! 

Elk antler is much larger than other antlers, like those of whitetail deer, which may make it the best dog chew antler out there. Smaller antlers can become too hard and calcified, so dogs tend to prefer the larger, marrow-rich elk antler. Elk antler also helps to clean teeth, and the antler itself is very clean, leaving no mess on your floors.

The "claim to fame" for elk antler is that it lasts so long and it’s great for dogs. An analysis of the antler grind I collect showed that it is primarily calcium and phosphorus with a few trace minerals. According to my vet, it is the correct ratio for a dog to be able to absorb it as a joint supplement. That being said, I make no claims whatsoever that it is a joint supplement. I sell it as a top quality antler chew for dogs. 

Our antler is not treated in any way. It is in its 100% natural state when you get it. I let it dry for a few months, cut it into dog chew pieces, and your dog gets to do the rest!
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Top quality antler, fair prices, personal service
and integrity are our code of ethics.

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